James Franco Pens Column for Playboy Magazine

LOS ANGELES — Actor James Franco, who has not been shy about his penchant for porn, has become a columnist for Playboy magazine.

The star took on the role as a young Hugh Hefner in the Linda Lovelace “Lovelace” biopic and was reportedly interested in producing a documentary film about BDSM giant Kink.com.

Now the Hollywood jack-of-all-trades is flexing his literary muscle in another adult venue.

Franco’s new Playboy column, called “Francofile, debuted in the July/August (Jenny McCarthy) issue where he interviews performance artist Marina Abramovic and talks with her about space, energy and magic.

And the actor shows some writing chops. In one question Franco doesn’t take the simple Q&A route and asks the “godmother of performance art” about her knife play in “Rythym 10”: “There’s nothing more real than cutting yourself — it’s a real knife and real blood — but when you play it back and try to match the first one, it’s like a script. In a way, it becomes theatrical.”

Apparently, Franco’s pieces in the Huffington Post caught the attention of Playboy. He’s  on tap to write six columns for the magazine.

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